Win Gents and Ladies Gold Talking Calendar Alarm Watch


1 x Gents and Ladies Gold Talking Calendar Alarm Watch

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This modern attractive male voice watch has been designed for ease of use. The watch will speak the time, date and has an alarm function. The first press of the single button gives the time and the second press will announce the date. Pressing the recessed button on the side of the case in conjunction with the time button sets the watch functions thus not allowing watch settings to be changed inadvertently. Available with either black leather strap or expanding bracelet.

Gents Case size 38.9mm – 1.53″ diameter x 14mm – 0.55″ thick.

Ladies case size 33m – 1.30″ diameter x 12mm – 0.50″ thick.

Powered by 1 X CR2025, 1 x 377 Lithium battery (included).

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